Skeletons of medieval ‘Romeo and Juliet’ found buried holding hands

Skeletons of medieval ‘Romeo and Juliet’ found buried holding hands

Archaeologists excavating a monastery in Romania have unearthed several skeletons from the Middle Ages, including those of a young ‘Romeo and Juliet’ buried holding hands

Lead researcher Adrian Rusu from the Cluj-Napoca Institute of Archaeology explained that several skeletons, dating back to around 1450-1550, were discovered within the inner courtyard of the 14th century Dominican monastery in Cluj-Napoca.  He said:

“Among them were the skeletons of a young couple, aged around 30 years-old.  The man and the woman were buried facing each other and holding hands.  It’s a peculiar case, a kind of Romeo and Juliet.  We discovered that the man died in an accident – his sternum was broken by a blunt object – and the woman buried with him maybe died of a broken heart.  We have no other explanation.”

Rusu also said that the team also discovered the partial skeleton of a child, and the lower leg bones belonging to a fourth skeleton.

Source: Romania Insider

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